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Are there different types of adoption issues worth noting?

  1. Most common is stepparent adopting child of spouse
  2. Intra Family adoptions (grandparent adopting grandchild)
  3. Adult adoptions
  4. Foreign adoptions.

How can you help people with the legal side of adoptions?

  • We meet with you.
  • We answer your questions, We assess your needs.
  • We make you feel comfortable about a sometimes delicate subject.
  • We lay out the cost structure for the adoption.
  • We prepare all the paperwork.
  • We file the papers with the court.
  • We attend the court hearing when the date is set.
  • We advocate for you cause.
  • We help guide you through the process, including the homestudy (all adoptions require professionals come to the home and evaluate the surroundings and parents), paid for by the persons adopting the child.

Do you offer free initial consultations?

Yes we offer free initial consultations.

What are some common questions that clients ask about the adoption process?

Can my spouse who is not the child’s biological parent adopt my child? The answer is usually yes, if the other biological parent has not seen or supported the child.

How many of these types of cases have you already done?

My experience with adoptions is that I have done a few over my career, however my law partner has handled hundreds and she has a lot of experience.

Would any of your previous adoption clients be willing to offer a testimonial about working with you?

Adoptions are usually handled in Juvenile Court or District Court as closed proceedings and the records are usually sealed. Most clients do not want the information made public. I don’t think we could find anyone who would want to help in this regard. Contact Mike Broussard today for your free initial Adoption Consultation